We need to raise $10,000 to build the Nature Labs prototype for high school students and teachers.

Together, let’s support nature literacy in the classroom.

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What is Nature Labs?



Together, we can make this dream a reality, but we can’t do it without you.

Between now and June 15th, we need to raise $10,000 to complete the construction of the beta version of the Nature Labs platform. This includes creating a virtual classroom that is responsive to the needs of today’s teachers and students – unit and lesson plans that are linked to existing curriculum; immersive, unbiased multi-platform storytelling designed for inquiry-based, exploratory learning; daily updates that offer a real-time, real-world lens for cross-curricular subject matter and so much more.

With your support, we can reach this goal and complete the prototype by October 1st, allowing us to test the platform with teachers and students throughout the next school year, gaining critical feedback and developing the relationships required to deliver the impact we envision.

Four ways you can help

1. Buy a raffle ticket and win great prizes!

Tickets are $25 for one and five for $100 – with only 400 tickets being sold! The grand prize? A full day, personalized field trip in the Canadian Rockies. There are also four framed prints to be won and 10 canvas wrap prints.

2. Join us in the field!*

With all $500 donations made during this campaign only, we will be offering you a full day, personalized and private Field Trip into the Canadian Rockies between June 15th and July 15th.

3. Shop with meaning!

By purchasing any item from our store, know that 100% of the proceeds will support this campaign for Nature Labs. And until June 15th, all 16” x 24” limited edition prints are on sale for only $250 dollars.

4. Share this post!

Nature Labs is a grassroots effort and so too is this fundraising campaign. Help us beat the algorithms by spreading the word across social media, by email and in conversations with friends and family. Every dollar counts.

In supporting Nature Labs, let’s create lasting systems change: a society where millions champion nature literacy in the classroom and millions more act with a foundation of nature knowledge that, in turn, fosters a better balance between the needs people and the environment.

* Field trip does not include food, accommodation or transportation to and from Calgary, Alberta. Field trips begin and end in Calgary and are capped at 10 hours. Please check with us about date availability. If you are looking for a different date, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

** Ghost Bear Institute believes in transparent accounting. All program expenditures will be detailed in our annual report. If you would like more information, always feel free to contact us directly by email at hello@ghostbear.org.

*** Ghost Bear Institute is a federally registered non-profit (#1063793-9); however, we are not a charitable organization and cannot offer tax receipts. Ghost Bear does have charitable partners, and for donations over $1000, if a tax receipt is required, please contact us in order for us to assist you.

Federally registered non-profit #1063793-9

Raffle Tickets


loon in turquoise water