FIELD TRIPS AREN’T JUST FOR KIDS. Let us show you why.

Grizzly bears. Cougars. Wolverines. Towering peaks and braided streams. Pathways and roadways less travelled. This is Canada’s Rocky Mountains.


And it’s more than a beautiful destination. It’s a collection of powerful stories. Stories we want to share with you as we explore the landscape.

See that eagle? It’s the most remarkable thing. A forest fire burned through its valley, including the tree housing its nest. But you won’t believe it. The flames stopped just short of its eagle fledglings. The eagles not only survived, but the fire revived its habitat, helping them thrive like never before.



This is more than an incredible view; it’s a snapshot of biodiversity. The lake? It’s actually a river. The sand? It forms the only sand dune ecosystem in the Canadian Rockies. What creatures do they combine to sustain? How are we tackling biodiversity in Canada? What challenges remain?


Mostly, we want to leave you with images that bring to life memories created in a place like no other; stories that will inspire your friends to think; knowledge that will provoke your class to learn.


This is a Ghost Bear Field Trip.

A personalized adventure – with a purpose.

Half, full and multi day experiences are tailored for photographic storytellers and educators, with every dollar from every trip supporting the advancement of nature literacy through the development of Nature Labs.


Join us, won’t you?


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The Details

You’re visiting Canada’s Rocky Mountains and you can’t wait to explore one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. But generic bus tours aren’t for you. Interpretive walks? Nice, yet they just scratch the surface. Campfire lectures? They’re not an experience.


Ghost Bear Institute’s field trips are designed to blend wonder and adventure with immersive learning through the lens of your passion, interest and time. We want to enhance your trip in Canada’s Rocky Mountains and help you explore the back roads and rarely used trails to see a different side of this sought-after destination.


Led by an accomplished educator, Jill Cooper, and Time Magazine’s Hero for the Planet, Simon Jackson, these award-winning storytellers will curate your journey based on local knowledge built through a combined thirty five years of working with wildlife, nature and the issues that intersect.


And by personally designing each trip, we will do more than provide you with a unique experience, we will also equip you with the tools to build on what you’ve seen and learned in order to help you become a better storyteller and a better educator.


The best part? The proceeds from every trip go directly toward helping high school students foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature.


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Ghost Bear field trips do not include travel, meals and accommodation. However, we would be more than happy to provide you with recommendations.


Photography Storytelling Field Trips

Join us for a one-of-a-kind, fun and private excursion with two of Canada’s leading storytellers into the heart of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. Intimate and tailored field trips are built around your interests and time, and will provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to learn about, observe and document elusive wildlife making a living in one of the most specular landscapes in the world. Our goal? Leave you with a deeper understanding of Rocky Mountain wildlife in order to help you tell better stories to motivate your social network to appreciate and understand the importance of nature in our world.


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Education Field Trips

A unique, innovative and upbeat professional development opportunity for teachers of all grades to learn, explore and develop new tools for the classroom, while embarking on an immersive journey into one of the most beautiful places in the world. We design each field trip around your timeline and your needs, ensuring that your trip to the Rocky Mountains is both fun and educational. Through guided hikes, wildlife observation and field-based conversations, we will work to make your experience relevant to your discipline and help you build your own story-driven content to be used with your students. And unlike most field courses, this one has an added benefit: Every dollar from every field trip supports the development of Nature Labs – a program that will provide you with an integrated platform through which to apply what you’ve learned to the classes you teach.


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Field Trips = Nature Literacy

Canadians love nature, but they don’t have a deep-rooted understanding and appreciation for the role it plays in sustaining the systems that sustain us. Ghost Bear Institute is a non-profit founded to address this issue, with its signature program – Nature Labs – working to develop a platform that uses nature as the teaching lens across four subjects at the high school level.

Yet to advance environmental literacy in the classroom, we need to provide teachers – and the educators-at-large that influence society’s priorities – with immersive experiences in our natural landscape that inspire interest in our nation’s shared challenge of protecting biodiversity.

Programming with Purpose
More Canadians are visiting our national protected areas than ever before, but 58% of the 15 million-plus park visitors in 2016-2017 only spent time in the mountain parks, areas without enough programming to meet the demand. The consequence is that too few visitors are leaving the mountains with an understanding of the deeper importance of the bears and landscapes they view in Banff and Jasper – and why these parks alone, without places such as Sirmilik and Grasslands, can’t curb the loss of our nation’s biodiversity.


With society increasingly accessing stories and fortifying their knowledge through self-curated social media bubbles, it is more imperative than ever before to ensure that visitors to the Rocky Mountains are provided with experiences that inspire and educate. After all, if hundreds of authentic voices can become enabled to paint a more nuanced message of balance to their social networks – building on lessons learned, experiences forged and stories created in the wild – new champions will emerge that place a priority on nature literacy.


Our answer? Field trips.

By weaving good stories into immersive lessons personalized for specific skills, interests and passions, field trips – just like in high school – can be adventures with a purpose.