In 2019, to help launch Nature Labs, we’ll be visiting schools and co-hosting community conversations in communities large and small across Canada.


Is your school interested in having an internationally renowned speaker motivate students to make a positive difference in their country and provide teachers with the tools to keep the conversation going in the classroom?


Are you interested in partnering with us to have your community added to our tour and help us engage your region in a thoughtful dialogue about how to tackle our shared challenge of safeguarding Canada’s natural inheritance?


Nature is a fundamental building block of life, transcending politics, geography and age.


Canadians need to be inspired to put aside their differences and be open to thinking critically about the problems at hand in order to rally behind promising solutions that allow for innovation to trump compromise.


But where do we begin?


We believe it all starts with a conversation.


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Meet the Speaker

Simon Jackson has always been a believer in the power of one person to create a better world. For two decades, starting at the age of 13, Simon built the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition from a middle school letter writing campaign into the largest youth-led environment movement, with a global network of six million. The journey – one that included overcoming bullying, battling depression, navigating complex politics and innovating how the environment is debated – inspired the movie Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story and earned Simon numerous honours, including being named a Hero for the Planet by Time Magazine. Yet the only accomplishment that truly mattered to him was saving the endangered white Kermode or spirit bear on Canada’s west coast and, in 2016, Simon and a group of diverse stakeholders, did just that.

Today, as co-founder of Ghost Bear Institute and its signature project, Nature Labs, Simon remains committed to fostering a more thoughtful discourse and a better balance between the needs of people and nature. His speeches avoid divisive politics and instead underscore the importance of working together and thinking critically about our shared challenges. And by being honest about his ups and downs, Simon offers a reminder that while no one is perfect, each one of us – armed only with a passion – have the ability to foster more a more resilient, compassionate and innovative world for generations to come.


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